EDU 352: Advanced Learning, Language & Literacy

Class Program
Credits 4

Candidates will deepen their understanding of best practices in literacy instruction by: utilizing the Next Generation Learning Standards in ELA to develop appropriate and engaging lessons; differentiating lessons to meet the needs of all learners specifically students with disabilities and English language learners; implementing literacy instruction in P-9 classrooms; administering and evaluating a variety of formal and informal literacy assessments; utilizing assessment data and progress monitoring data to develop targeted intervention; reflecting upon lessons, student learning, student needs, and data Candidates will explore the importance of demonstrating and maintaining a positive and respectful relationship with families, community members, and colleagues. They will also learn to listen deeply to the experiences, feedback, and perspectives of others in order to create a safe and healthy learning environment where all students will flourish and grow.


EDU 201, EDU 206, and EDU 252