WRT 201: Researching in Community

Class Program
Credits 3

Researching in Community: Examine & Explore is the second course in the first-year writing and thinking sequence. This course engages students in the process of conducting, writing, and presenting academic research, understanding differing disciplinary conventions in writing, as well as adapting content and voice to various audiences. Alongside continued focus on critical analysis and the conventions of writing in WRT 101, this course focuses on methods of college-level research, evaluation of primary and secondary sources, and the critical examination and use of qualitative and quantitative evidence when supporting an argument. The course enhances students’ abilities to engage in research, writing, thinking, and presenting in a variety of academic, professional, and interdisciplinary contexts.

Note: A grade of C- or better must be earned in WRT 201 to receive course credit. The grade NC (no credit) is given to students who have not achieved a grade or C- or better but who have completed all coursework. 


WRT 101