WRT 101: Writing in Community

Class Program
Credits 3

Writing in Community: Discover & Respond is one of two courses in the first year writing and thinking sequence designed to engage and develop students' critical reading, thinking, and writing skills in the context of our dynamic global environment. The course provides students with the tools to examine texts and media so that they can conduct college-level academic writing as well as develop an awareness of the social impact and responsibility of thoughtful writing. Writing in Community emphasizes conventions of writing (diction, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics), critical analysis of primary sources, logical reasoning and organization, modes of rhetorical persuasion, and evidence-based arguments. Specific focus will also be given to ways in which language, writing, and speaking impact and connect with local and global communities and necessitate thoughtful reflection on the part of the writer. Note: A grade of C- or better (1.700) must be earned in WRT 101 to receive course credit. The grade of NC (no credit) is given to students who have not achieved a grade of C- or better but who have completed all coursework.