Undergraduate Students and Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students who are seniors in good standing, with a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or higher, may take graduate courses for undergraduate credit.

Qualified undergraduate students may take up to twelve (12) graduate credits, with advisor approval and permission of the Dean of the School in which the graduate courses are offered. These courses may satisfy undergraduate requirements, or if the graduate credits are completed beyond the 120 credits required for the baccalaureate degree, may satisfy graduate requirements.

Undergraduate students hoping to enroll in graduate coursework should be aware of the restrictions on the policies that support acceleration. No undergraduate degree can be completed with fewer than 120 credits. The graduate level transcript must include 30 graduate credits (minimum) to qualify for degree conferral.

Students should seek advisement & approval from their faculty advisors. Approval from the graduate program director is also required. Students should review if or how the courses selected apply to the appropriate programs. To be registered for a graduate class, completion of the Registration Exception Request Form is required. (The request form is also available in Self Service on the Academics Menu).