Tuition & Fees

The deposits, tuition, room, board and fees in effect for the academic year and are subject to change without prior notice by the Russell Sage College Board of Trustees. All policy statements and other information detailed on ( reflect information current at the time of this publication.


Per Credit

Per Semester

Per Year





 Full-time $15725 $31450
 Part-time $1050
 Overload (more than 18 credits) $1050    
 Audited Courses $135    
 UG Summer Courses $608    

Semester, Program, Activity and Other Fees

 Comprehensive Fee/Full-time Student (per semester) $750
 Applied Art Fee (per credit) $25
 Applied Music Fee (per course) $600
 Student Teacher Placement Fee $250
 HESI Fee - UG Nursing (select courses) $456-$516
 Study Abroad Fee (one time) $300
 ABA Practicum Fee $900
 RWL course material Fee $25
Activity Based and Other Fees*  
 Orientation Fee $250
 Late Payment Fee $50
 Transcript Request via Student Clearinghouse $2.50
 Graduation Diploma Application $95
 Returned Check Fee $25
 *The above fees are not refundable or subject to adjustment