Substitution/Waiver Policy

The Department Chairperson/Program Director may approve the waiver of a major requirement for a student. For course substitutions, the Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator for the course that is being substituted must give their approval. For example, substitution of a Biology course requires the approval of the Biology Department. For general education core requirements, the decision rests with the Dean of the College. This approval may be secured in writing or via e-mail from the Chairperson/Director Dean and must be attached to the Substitution/Waiver Form before it is returned to the Office of Student Services.

In lieu of the Substitution/Waiver Form, Substitution/Waivers may be done via e-mail, but must contain the following:

  • Chairperson/Program Director must be copied
  • Student must be copied
  • Required course
  • Course being waived
  • Course being substituted
  • Whether or not the course is a transfer course and from what institution
  • Reason/Justification
  • Statement indicating, “Copying the student indicates the student’s awareness of the substitution/waiver.”