SCI 104: Physical and Earth Sciences

Class Program
Credits 3

The entire goal of science is to describe and understand the way things work. What could be more interesting and exciting? In this course you’ll learn how energy and forces make things move, and you’ll have at least a few moments to sit in awe at the realization that you finally understand something that you’ve wondered about since you were a kid. We’ll work to build your confidence in science, inspire your scientific curiosity, and prepare you to incorporate science education standards into your future classrooms. The topics we’ll cover include energy, waves, heat, density, pressure, buoyancy, projectile motion, and Newton’s Laws of motion. You’ll engage in scientific investigation and engineering design to deepen your understanding of core ideas, make use of real data/models, examine the actual practice of science and engineering, and create lesson plans for age-appropriate audiences that synthesize core principles from this course.