Schedule of Examinations

Mid-term examinations: Although midterm examinations are not required in all courses, instructors are expected to submit Undergraduate Advisory Grades at the end of the 5th week of classes during the Fall and Spring semesters. In this context, announced midterm examinations may be helpful in many courses.

Final examinations: Sage is committed to the principle that all credit-bearing activities must involve a concluding assessment of student learning by the responsible faculty. Faculty are expected to keep a record of such assessments. See Academic Calendar on for the current term final exam schedule:

In most college courses the appropriate assessment is a written final examination. Sage requires such examinations to be given in accordance with the examination schedule. When a deviation from the schedule is necessary the Registrar and the Department chairperson or Dean of the College should be notified of the change.

Faculty are expected to minimize interference with students’ other academic responsibilities when they schedule different kinds of concluding examinations (lab, clinical, etc.). In no case may an examination be set at a time which results in a conflict for students with a regularly scheduled meeting of another course. The Registrar publishes a schedule of final examinations each semester.

Courses must meet for the number of hours specified in the credit hour policy, including the scheduled meeting in the Final Exam week. The Final Exam week meeting must be used for a class, an examination, a performance, a presentation, or other meaningful academic exercise as determined by the department. Courses that cover the required contact time in different ways, such as Studio, Online, Reduced Seat Time, and Weekend courses, are exempt from following the Final Exam week schedule.

During the final examination period, students are not required to take more than two (2) final examinations per day and may request a make-up time for the additional examination(s), if desired. Students requesting a make-up examination must work together with all faculty involved, and the Dean of the College, if necessary, to determine which examination will be rescheduled.