Right to Appeal

Students have the right to appeal any decision of ineligibility to continue to receive financial assistance. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of notification that aid eligibility has been lost. An appeal must be typed and sent to the Director of Financial Aid, Office of Student Services, 65 First Street, Troy, NY 12180. The appeal may not be based upon a need for assistance or lack of knowledge that assistance was in jeopardy. An appeal would normally be based upon some unusual situation or condition which prevented the student from passing more courses, or which necessitated that the student withdraw from classes. Examples of possible situations include documented serious illness, severe injury, or death of a family member. See Sage.edu for appeal guidelines.

If students do not have grounds for an appeal, or if an appeal is denied, students may still be able to regain eligibility for future semesters. This is done by enrolling at Russell Sage College at the student’s own expense - without financial assistance - and meeting Russell Sage College satisfactory academic progress guidelines.

Appeal Approval Conditions

Appeals can only be approved if the Financial Aid Appeals Committee determines:

  • that the student will be able to meet Russell Sage College’s satisfactory academic progress after the next payment period; and,
  • there is a letter of support from the student’s academic advisor.

If an appeal is granted, the student will receive aid on a conditional basis for one semester. The conditions will be outlined in the letter sent to the student granting the appeal. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review the student’s record at the end of the semester to determine their status for the following semester. Students who fail to meet the conditions outlined by the committee during their conditional semester will not be allowed to submit a subsequent appeal. During the time the student is placed on probation, he/she must successfully complete the semester without any failures, incompletes, or withdrawals.