Repeat Course Policy

Students are permitted to re-take any course. Credits and grade points for the first grade will be deleted from the cumulative GPA calculation, while the original letter grade will remain on the transcript and the repeat noted. The course information will be listed in the usual manner the second time it appears on the transcript. Generally, the course should be repeated in the first semester that it is subsequently offered. However, it may be repeated any time prior to graduation. No matter which grade is higher, the most recent grade counts in figuring the cumulative grade point average.

In situations where a student has repeated a course previously taken for a letter grade at Russell Sage College, the grade replacement may not be used to remove term probation from the semester in which the course was previously taken.

Students may repeat no more than three previously passed courses while enrolled in a program leading to a Bachelor’s degree. There is no specific limit on the number of courses a student may repeat for a course in which they received an F or W. *Note: Departments may have specific policies that supersede the repeat policy stated here. Please see the College Catalog major program pages for individual departmental policies.

A student who has failed a course using the P/F option may elect to retake the course for either a grade or a P/F option. The retaken P/F course counts as an additional use of the P/F option. Students may use the P/F option to repeat a course that is approved for Pass/Fail.

All course repeats must be taken at Sage. In the event that a student’s program of study is jeopardized due to the lack of course offerings at Sage, students may seek approval of the Program Director/Department Chair to take the course elsewhere. The sequence of certain programs may not allow multiple retakes. Consult your Program Director/Department Chair for further details. Students should seek approval of their advisor prior to pre-registration, as the sequence of their program may be affected by the need to re-take a course. Students should note that 30 of their last 45 credits must be in residence and, therefore, they are not eligible to take courses outside of Sage without the permission of the Dean. Only credits transfer - not grades.

Repetition of coursework for which credit has been granted may jeopardize financial aid eligibility. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the consequences of repeating courses on their own financial aid situation. Students with questions regarding the impact of course repeats on student financial aid should consult the Office of Student Services.

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