Online Consortium Courses

Russell Sage College belongs to the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU), an association of regionally-accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States that offer online coursework. If a matriculated student needs a course that Sage does not currently offer and/or is required for pending graduation, it may be possible to cross-register for the course online through one of the OCICU provider schools. Students taking OCICU courses pay their regular Sage tuition. Credits earned via OCICU appear on the transcript with a grade that figures toward the GPA.  OCICU courses count as credits taken at Sage for purposes of financial aid calculations and residency.

Course registration deadlines, course/term start and end dates, and drop/course withdrawal dates for OCICU courses vary and are based on the specific OCICU provider institution’s policy. The student is responsible for adhering to the OCICU college’s and Sage’s registration requirements, as well as the Russell Sage College academic calendar.