NSG 207 : Health Assessment and Professional Strategies

The focus of this course is on the development of assessment and critical thinking skills needed by the nurse in the data collection and includes communication and interviewing, nursing history, vital signs, interpretation of routine laboratory date, and the physical examination. Opportunities will be provided for skill development in communicating effectively and in a caring manner while collecting and recording subjective and objective data, identifying factors that present health risks or actual overt alteration in functional patterns and health status, developing outcome and interventions related to the helping and teaching domains of practice, and documenting all aspects of the nursing process are covered. A conceptual framework is utilized.


BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 208, CHM 103 (or CHM 111 or PHY 101), PSY 101, and SCI 120. Open only to matriculated students in the BS in Nursing program who have attained a minimum major GPA of 3.000.


NSG-207L , NSG-207R