Mission and Purpose

The motto of Russell Sage College, “To Be, To Know, To Do,” informs the educational purpose where the common effort is to translate learning into action and application, within a framework of value that recognizes the obligation of educated persons to lead and serve their communities.

Sage is a community of scholars committed to empowering students:

To Be: To provide the individual student with the opportunity and means to develop and advance personally and professionally, and thus to be successful in achieving life goals;

To Know: To contribute to the larger society a group of diverse, thoughtful and competent citizen-leaders who continue to be engaged in the pursuit of lifelong learning; and

To Do: To translate learning into action and application, recognizing the obligation of educated persons to lead and to serve their communities.

The mission of Russell Sage College is to prepare students to participate fully and actively in the life and work of society. The College seeks to provide students of all ages and backgrounds with a strong vision of their own power and potential. The College’s commitment to integrating liberal and career-focused study reflects the fundamental belief that each complements the other. Through both its academic program and supportive environment, Russell Sage College creates an intellectually challenging and caring community to facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential in an increasingly interdependent world.