Law and Society

Degrees and Certificates


LAS 415: Capstone Seminar

Class Program
Credits 3

The capstone seminar is the culminating course of the criminal justice, law, and behavior science program. Students who have pursued the various pathways within the major will come back together n the capstone to share their knowledge and experiences in the context of a theme, to be determined based upon the composition of the class (in terms of pathways pursued) and current events. Within that theme, students will focus on the relationship between law and human behavior and the role of law in society. Consistent with the overriding academic objective of the major, students will refine their understanding of the interaction of law and legal institutions with social, economic, and political systems.

Advising Note

Offered in spring term only.


LAW 101, PSY 339, and SOC 260

LAS 427: Internship in Law & Society

Class Program
Credits 3

The student will receive on-the-job experience and training by spending 10-12 hours per week (minimum 120 hours per semester) at a work site appropriate for the student's specialization and career interests related to the Law and Society program.