HST 240: Slavery in the Americas

Class Program
Credits 3

This course is a survey of the history of slavery in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, and South America, with a particular focus on the relationship between slavery, freedom, and emancipation. Topics include: the origins of slavery in the Atlantic world; the development of
slave societies across various regions of the Western hemisphere; gender and power; resistance and rebellion; and meanings of freedom  and citizenship. The objective of the course is to understand the complex structures and cultures of slavery in the Americas within an Atlantic context. This course may  be taken with an optional lab (HST 240L) for one additional credit. Lab work puts to practice creative and analytical thinking through the analysis of visual representation. During weekly one hour lab session, students observe visual narratives (e.g., film, photography)  portraying the culture of slavery (additional materials will be on reserve in the library), and then make connections to class material (readings, lecture) in an electronic journal (i.e., blog, Mahara Page) that allows for the development of written text and uploading of images.