HSC 410: Complementary Health Care

Class Program
Credits 3

Across time individuals have always pursued healing techniques that were not considered part of mainstream medicine. People have become increasingly cynical and distrustful of Western, technological, medicine. They are looking for a health care approach that treats the whole body, as opposed to the fragmentation that's inherent in western medicine. Many of these alternative approaches, however, are not new. They are modern applications of, or borrowings from, indigenous medical systems, folk medical, Asia medical systems, etc. These approaches are grounded in the mind-body nature of disease, illness, and health. This course will provide the student with an overview of alternative medicine, complimentary, integrative health care, its history, philosophies, and techniques. The course format will be one of lecture, demonstration, and laboratory experiences. This course is restricted to Health Sciences majors only or non-majors may request permission from the Health Sciences Program Coordinator to enroll. [Advising note: Beginning in 2017 this course will be listed as HSC 210 Complementary and Alternative Medicine.]


Health Science Majors Only