Health Sciences (B.S.)


The Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences at Russell Sage College prepares you with courses in culture and health, complementary medicine, medical ethics, and a strong science and labroatory foundation. Students may select to complete an optional concentration in exercise science. [63-65 credits]

Core Requirements

  • Complete all of the following:
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Sub-Total Credits


  • Complete one of the following:
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Sub-Total Credits

Linked Programs

Accelerated tracks are available for the Occupational Therapy (M.S.) and Physical Therapy (D.P.T) programs. Students in 4+2 or 4+3 linked programs complete the undergraduate Health Sciences degree before moving on to physical or occupational therapy graduate coursework. More information on graduate degree requirements can be found in the Russell Sage College Graduate Catalog.


Occupational Therapy 3+2 (B.A./B.S. and M.S.)
Physical Therapy 3+3 (B.A./B.S. and D.P.T.)


Occupational Therapy 4+2 (B.A./B.S. to M.S.)
Physical Therapy 4+3 (BA/BS to D.P.T.)

Concentration in Exercise Science

Complete the following:

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Academic Standards

In order to graduate with a B.S. in Health Sciences students are required to earn a cumulative GPA of 2.000 and a major GPA of 2.750. Students who are not able to meet the 2.750 major GPA requirement may be prevented from progressing in the Health Sciences program and may be advised to select an alternative major at the College.

Health Sciences students enrolled in linked programs with graduate degrees in Occupational Therapy (M.S.) or Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) are required to maintain higher cumulative & science GPA standards.  Students should consult with their faculty advisor(s) and the catalog pages outlining OT and PT degree requirements for more information about these standards.

Degree Completion Notes

  • Total credits required for bachelor's degree (minimum): 120 credits
  • Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
  • Major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.750
  • 1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage (minimum)
  • Completion of all required General Education coursework

Suggested Plan of Study

The following is a general course plan for the Health Sciences major without a particular concentration. Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning your course schedule. Other course sequences are possible. Consult your advisor or the Health Sciences Program Coordinator. Note also that one can introduce flexibility into this recommended sequence by shifting the sequence of elective and/or general education slots around to allow one to pursue other courses of personal interest or compensate for scheduling conflicts.

Suggested course sequencing for the 4+3 Health Sciences / DPT program, 3+3 Accelerated Health Sciences / DPT program, 4+2 Health Sciences / OT program, 3+2 Accelerated Health Sciences / OT program, or Health Sciences with Exercise Science concentration can be obtained from a student’s faculty advisor in Health Sciences or the Academic Advising office.

  • Year 1 - Fall: 16 credits
    • WRT 101
    • HSC 215
    • PSY 101
    • BIO 101 and BIO 101L (or CHM 103/103L for students in PT track)
    • RSC 101
  • Year 1 - Spring: 15 credits
    • WRT 201
    • HSC 204
    • BIO 102 and BIO 102L (or CHM 104/104L for students in PT track)
    • SCI 110
    • Elective
  • Year 2 - Fall: 14 credits
    • BIO 201 and BIO 201L
    • MAT 220 or PSY 207
    • SCI 120
    • RSC 201
  • Year 2 - Spring: 13 - 14 credits
    • BIO 202 and BIO 202L
    • PSY 202 or PSY 208
    • SCI 240
    • General Education Course
  • Year 3 - Fall: 16 credits
    • SCI 310 and SCI 310L
    • RSC 301
    • HSC 306
    • General Education Course
    • Elective
  • Year 3 - Spring: 16 credits
    • Natural and Applied Sci Elective Course
    • General Education Course
    • HUM 420
    • Elective
    • Elective
  • Year 4 - Fall: 15 credits
    • PHY 101 and PHY 101L
    • HSC 450
    • Elective
    • Elective
    • Elective
  • Year 4 - Spring: 15 credits
    • BIO 410 or BIO 450
    • Elective
    • Elective
    • Elective
    • Elective
Total Credits