Fresh Start Program

A student whose last semester of attendance at RSC was four or more years ago, has not completed a degree program, and who wants to return (re-admission), is eligible to have those RSC credits treated as transfer credits. If this option is selected, only those courses in which the student received a grade of C- or better will be counted toward the graduation credit. It is up to the student to weigh the benefits of this option against possible additional coursework that would be required for graduation. The decision to declare a “Fresh Start” must be made to the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Office of Academic Advising by the end of the student’s first semester of re-enrollment and can be claimed no more than once in a student’s career at Russell Sage College. Upon re-enrolling, students are newly matriculated under the current catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

Per the federal financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy, original grades and credits will be used to determine financial aid eligibility.