Evaluation of Academic Work

Russell Sage College uses the following grading system with plus and minus designations:

A Excellent
B Good
C Satisfactory
D Passing
F Failure

I Incomplete. A student unable to complete all the work in a course as a result of illness or a comparable emergency may request a grade of “Incomplete” (I) from the instructor. In order for a grade of “I” to be granted, a student should have completed most of the work for the course in the opinion of the instructor. If an “I” is granted, the student has the right to complete the work within the length of time specified by the faculty member, not to exceed the end of the eighth week of the following semester. However, students who are pending an academic action of academic warning, academic review, or academic suspension must complete all work prior to the beginning of the next fall or spring semester.

The student will not be allowed to re-register for the course (either for credit or audit) in a subsequent semester until the Incomplete is removed.

It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of their grades in all classes prior to requesting an Incomplete. Should they be at risk of being placed on probation or suspended, arranging for an Incomplete may result in an earlier deadline than anticipated. Faculty are not obligated to offer extensions under these circumstances.

The faculty member and student should write up and sign an agreement using the Incomplete/Extension Request Form, including a copy of the course syllabus, clearly identifying:

  • the specific reasons for the request
  • the work that is to be completed, and
  • the deadline for the submission of the work.

Upon completion of the work, the faculty member files a Grade Change Form with the Registrar’s Office in order to convert the “I” grade to an appropriate letter grade. If the faculty member does not change the Incomplete grade by the end of the eighth week of the next semester, the Registrar will replace the grade of “I” with the letter grade “F”. Any agreed-upon extension of time to the deadline must be reported to the Registrar in writing via memorandum or e-mail.

P Passing. Indicates that the student has passed the course. (See policy on Pass/Fail grades, below)

W Withdrew. This grade can only be used by the Registrar’s Office when the student officially withdraws from the class.

RP Research in Progress. In undergraduate courses that are specifically designated as one of the following: Senior Project, Senior Independent Project, Research Project, Research in (discipline), Honors Research (in discipline), Honors Project, Senior Research Study, Senior Seminar, Seminar (400 level capstone course), incomplete work may be assigned a grade of “RP.” “RP” grades indicate that the initial expectation was that the work to be evaluated normally requires more than one semester. The “RP” grade may not be used in place of an incomplete (“I” grade) for any course which students are normally expected to complete within the original semester. Within one year from the time the “RP” grade is assigned, students must complete a course for which the “RP” grade was given. A student whose research requires longer than one year may request an extension of the “RP” for up to one additional year. The program coordinator may grant the request for an extension of the “RP” grade, depending on the degree of completion of the project. The extension will be granted only if there has been substantial progress.

NC No-Credit. In courses as approved by the appropriate Curriculum Committee, students who make a good faith effort in the course but fail to earn a grade of C or higher (WLD 101 and WLD 201) or a grade of C- or higher (WRT 101 and WRT 201), may be assigned a grade of NC. The NC does not affect the GPA. The NC may be assigned only once per course; should a student re-take the course and still not achieve a grade of C or higher, they will receive an F.