ENG 240: Peer Writing Practicum

Class Program
Credits 1.5

This 1.5 credit course is open to current or beginning peer tutors as well as to students who may be interested in acquiring the skills necessary to become an effective and welcoming peer writing tutor. The practicum may also appeal to those who may wish to enhance effective collaborative writing skills necessary to nearly every career, or to enhance their training and credentials in order to apply to graduate assistantship programs that value such experience and training. Writing Centers provide a supportive environment, free from the evaluative, teaching centered focus of many writing classrooms.  
The Peer Writing Practicum is a series of interactive weekly seminars focused on building collaborative coaching strategies that support student writers from across the disciplines. Learning activities are designed to deepen our understanding of Writing Center theory and practice by engaging with texts and research on best practices, by generating approaches and strategies according to the priorities and current needs of our Writing Center, and by participating in practice sessions designed to support developing skills in assisting student writers as they work through challenges that arise as their writing projects proceed from topic selection through final draft. Our texts will include current publications, web forum and podcast studies of services and techniques employed by  model Writing Centers from across the country, and several key essays and podcasts by scholars important to establishing peer tutor practices for English language speakers, writers and learners.