Cross-Registration with Other Colleges

Sage maintains relationships with other institutions that allow full-time matriculated undergraduate students to complete coursework through local and study abroad consortia during the academic year. Students pay their regular Sage tuition and fees and can complete coursework as long as they are in good academic standing at the College and have completed all requirements and necessary paperwork. For coursework at local institutions (formerly known as, Hudson Mohawk Association of Colleges & Universities), students may take one or two courses per term (fall or spring); the requested course(s) should not be currently available at Sage.

Coursework completed through a local or study abroad consortium appear on the student’s transcript as Sage credits (i.e., with a letter grade) and are not treated as transfer credits. Some institutions place additional restrictions on cross-college registrations. Students should consult with their faculty advisor and the Registrar’s office early in the advising process to ascertain policies and procedures that must be followed for a particular institution.