Credit for Prior Learning

The Credit for Prior Learning Program (CPL) is open to any undergraduate student matriculated in a bachelor’s degree program at Sage, provided they have completed at least one 3-credit course at Sage, have a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or higher and a major GPA of 2.200 or higher. CPL cannot be requested in a student’s final semester at Sage.

The CPL program has a maximum credit limit of 30 credits. Credits earned from the CPL portfolio program are considered external or non-institutional credits, and the number of CPL credits is considered as part of the total allowable transfer credits. CPL credits do not affect GPA. Each course request can be for no more than four credits.

The CPL program is based on college-level learning from life experiences, not on position titles held or the experiences per se. The student produces a written portfolio in which they describe in detailed narrative form, what learning was gained and how learning was gained, based on appropriate course objectives.

In preparation for discussion with the department chairs, students should review course descriptions to determine courses their portfolios may address. The portfolio will focus on skills and experiences supporting a college-level learning experience. Students may request credits for courses that could be offered but are not offered at Sage. (Example: special topics courses, e.g., MUS 248: Introduction to Opera). For courses not offered at Sage, students are expected to follow an approved course syllabus from a four year accredited institution.