Class Attendance

The educational plan for baccalaureate degree programs depends upon the full cooperation of students and faculty. It is expected that students will keep all academic commitments. Course instructors will furnish students with written course requirements at the beginning of each semester stating the objectives of the course, methods of evaluation, grading criteria, and the value of attendance and participation.

Prompt attendance at classes, lectures, examinations, seminars, laboratories, and practice teaching, is an essential part of this educational plan. In the event of a class absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the course instructor directly (email recommended). The responsibility for work missed rests with the student.

Any student who must be absent from classes for longer than one week due to an emergency situation or extended illness (proper documentation required) must contact the Student Life Office, [email protected] A notice will be sent to the student’s instructor(s) indicating the extenuating circumstances and anticipated dates of absence.