BUS 430: Sport Law

Class Program
Credits 3

This course is designed to introduce students to some of the laws, rules and regulations that apply to the sports industry which can have an impact on the management and operations of sport organizations in the United States. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the legal issues so that they acquire the necessary skills and strategies to effectively work with business executives and lawyers to resolve these issues. The course will specifically focus on the practical application of these laws to situations that students may face, and the decisions they may need to make, if they become sports business professionals. Class structure and discussion with focus on, and require a critical analysis of, current legal issues in sports, and the real-world examples used in class will constitute an integral portion of this class. Students will learn about and analyze substantial legal concepts in agency law, employment law, intellectual property, antitrust, labor, bankruptcy, and contracts law.


BUS 212