Admission Options

Regular Admission

Applications are processed on a rolling basis each year and continuing through the following summer. Admission decisions for regular decision applicants will be communicated after March 1st. Any applications completed after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Application and supporting materials should be submitted by August 1 for fall term and December 15 for the spring term. Students are welcome to begin their studies at Russell Sage College in either fall or spring terms.

Russell Sage College subscribes to the Candidate’s Common Reply Date and accepted first-year students are required to notify the college of their decision to attend by submitting the appropriate enrollment deposit, postmarked on or before May 1.

Accepted candidates who matriculate must have their secondary school send the official end-of-year transcript indicating graduation date and final grades received. If the end-of-year credentials are not commensurate with those on which the original decision was based, the college reserves the right to review the original decision.

Early Action for First Year Freshman Students

Applicants who have carefully considered their educational opportunities for college and would like to have their admission decisions early may choose to apply under the Early Action Plan. The application deadline for consideration under the Early Action Plan is as follows: Early Action I-December 1, with notification by December 15; and Early Action II-February 1 with notification by March 1. Those offered admission are able to start the application process for scholarships and financial assistance earlier than other applicants.

Early Admission for First Year Freshman Students

Academically advanced students who have completed their junior year of high school and meet criteria for admission may be able to earn their first year of college credit while simultaneously completing their senior year of high school. Written approval of their high school counselor or principal is required. Early admission candidates are required to have an interview with the Director of Admission and follow the application procedures described above. Students without a high school diploma are not eligible for state and federal financial aid.

Deferred Admission

Offers of admission can be deferred for one calendar year if circumstances cause students to delay the start of their studies at Russell Sage College. Students desiring to defer their admission must notify the appropriate Office of Admission by August 1 or January 1. Attendance at any other post-secondary institution (college, university, technical, proprietary school, etc.) during the deferral period cancels the deferment and requires that students submit a new application and official college transcripts. 

Second Bachelor’s Degree

A maximum of 75 previously completed credit hours is applicable toward the baccalaureate degree at Russell Sage College. Second degree students must complete a minimum of 45 new institutional credit hours at Russell Sage College, including at least one-half the major field requirement. A second bachelor’s degree may not be permitted when there is substantial course overlap between the first degree and the second degree.

Second degree students possessing an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States are exempt from all general education requirements. Those holding bachelor’s degree from international institutions may appeal to the Academic Dean for a waiver of all or a portion of general education requirements.