Academic Monitoring

Student Academic Progress

Student academic progress is monitored at several levels: (a) by the Registrar’s Office through the program evaluation report (b) by the student’s academic advisor, (c) by the program director of the program in which the student is enrolled, (d) by the CAAR Faculty Committee, (e) Advisory Grade Report (5th week progress), and (f) by the students themselves.

Advisory Grade Report: undergraduate students may view their undergraduate advisory grades (fall and spring only) in Self Service - Grades screen. The advisory report summarizes student academic progress at the 5th week. Grades are included for each course by the course instructor. Advisory grades are not formally recorded on the student’s official record, but are meant to serve as an indication of the student’s academic progress to this point.

Academic Monitoring of Student Athletes

Each academic year the Athletics Department presents each student athlete with a copy of the Sage Student-Athlete Handbook. The handbook can be found on the Sage Athletics website,

  • The Sage Student-Athlete Handbook contains information on:
    • Eligibility for Student Athletes
    • Class Attendance Policy for Student Athletes
    • Academic Support Program for Student Athletes
  • For more information contact the Office of Athletics, 518-244-2283, [email protected].