Academic Exploration

First year undergraduate students who are undecided or do not wish to declare a major at the time of enrollment (undeclared) may enter the Academic Exploration program (AEX)¹. Students in the AEX program take a combination of courses in satisfaction of general education requirements and in areas of potential academic interest. Students may stay in the AEX program up to the completion of 45 credit hours or first year of study, at which point, they will be expected to declare a major program. 

Because some major programs have specific course sequences, distinct admission criteria, or limited space availability, students in the AEX program work closely with our Directors of Academic Advisement. Students create an individualized plan consisting of courses that fit within their interests and will allow them to integrate seamlessly in to a major program and graduate on time. The Advising Offices also connect AEX students with on-campus resources, such as, Career Planning and Focus career assessment, to encourage students to actively explore all of their interests and strengths.

¹ Important Note: in order to earn a bachelor’s degree, students must successfully complete a major program. Diplomas are not granted for academic exploration.

Degrees and Certificates