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  Aug 09, 2020
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Liberal Studies (B.A.)

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Offered through the Creative Studies Program, the Liberal Studies program is intended to meet the educational needs of working adult learners and to provide opportunities for personal and professional development for  returning students. Students who complete this major will demonstrate an ability to understand the questions, methods, and perspectives underlying the Liberal Arts and Sciences; define and solve problems through critical and  independent thinking; communicate effectively, and ground their lifelong learning in historical and theoretical contexts.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies in Sage After Work is a completer program. Students who enter this program have already done some college-level work and are prepared to pursue a 4-year degree. Required  introductory level courses will normally have been completed and transferred in, but when that is not the case a Sage academic advisor will describe convenient alternatives for completing these courses. This innovative  program provides students with convenient modes of course delivery designed to meet the needs of working adults. Sage After Work provides students with a selection of relevant course topics and formats including evening,  weekend, summer, and online.

The program assumes that entering students will have completed a substantial number of undergraduate credits in the areas of emphasis composing this degree, and are interested primarily in a humanities-focused  undergraduate major. Students in the Liberal Studies program complete the Liberal Studies Foundation (9 credits), select one emphasis - English, Humanities, or Individual Studies (24 credits) - and complete the College’s general  education LIFE requirements (27-32 credits outside the major).

Due to the complexity of the options in this program, students must choose the emphasis with care and then regularly consult with an academic advisor before registration to ensure that the courses selected are approved in  advance by the Creative Studies Program as satisfying the requirements for the chosen emphasis.


  • HUM-113 Humanities Seminar III: Language and the Human Experience : 3 credits
  • Liberal arts courses : 6 credits
  • Senior Seminar: an independent, integrative project which combines at least two of the Liberal Arts disciplines chosen from I and II. : 3 credits

Individual Studies

In consultation with their advisor, students combine studies in Liberal Arts. Choose option I or II:

  • A combination of two Liberal Arts disciplines : 21 Credits
    • Liberal Arts discipline : 12 credits
    • Liberals Arts discipline : 9 credits
  • A combination of three Liberal Arts disciplines : 21 Credits
    • Liberal Arts discipline : 9 credits
    • Liberal Arts discipline : 6 credits
    • Liberal Arts discipline : 6 credits

Additional emphases

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