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  Aug 14, 2020
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Graphic + Media Design (B.F.A.)

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The Visual Arts Department of the Sage College of Albany is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The B.F.A. curriculum comprises a number of distinct components designed to address a student’s total experience:

  • ART 110 - Visualization provides all incoming first-year students exposure to various full-time faculty from different art and design disciplines.  The course focuses on the development of critical thinking and provides a foundational basis for all of the B.F.A. majors.
  • Advanced studios in Graphic + Media Design, Interior Design, Photography, and Studio Arts including Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Clay Sculpture, and Illustration, as well as studio electives that allow for exploration in a variety of media.
  • Senior Capstone I & II and studio courses that focus on a personal direction in the major in preparation for the B.F.A. exhibition.
  • Art history and liberal arts courses that examine the role and relevance of the visual arts historically, socially, and culturally.
  • Students graduate equipped with the necessary skills and portfolio to enter graduate study or begin a career in the arts.

Academic Standards

All Department of Visual Art majors (including Academic Exploration students who wish to enter the BFA program at the end of their first two semesters 24-30 credits), must maintain a major grade point average of a 2.75 in all art, design and art history courses for the duration of their time in the BFA program.  Students must receive a grade of “C-” or higher in all art courses required for their major.

All studio art courses must be taken on the Albany campus.  Art courses on the Troy campus do not fulfill studio requirements for the B.F.A. degree.

Program Description

The B.F.A. program in Graphic + Media Design has been developed for students planning to pursue a professional career in graphic design/illustration, web design, printing, publishing and other dynamic career options.  Accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) assures graduates the industry-recognized standard for professional designers.  In addition, our American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) student group and affiliations with the Graphic Artist’s Guild chapter in Albany provide opportunities for professional networking, growth and leadership.  The Graphic + Media Design program features:

  • Career-oriented curricular focus;
  • Dual-emphasis on print and electronic media;
  • Integrated wireless laptop initiative for B.F.A. students*;
  • Technical and creative skills to be work-ready immediately upon graduation;
  • Professional portfolio development and comprehensive reviews;
  • Small classes that encourage personal relationships with faculty. 

*All B.F.A. students in Graphic + Media Design, beginning their sophomore year, are required to have their own laptop computer and software for use in their courses. For details and the latest information, go to:

Graphic + Media Design facilities on the Sage College of Albany campus include state-of-the-art digital media studios, traditional studio facilities, and B.F.A. student studios, all housed in one building with a wireless connection to the Internet and dedicated file server.

ARH 205 - Art History I  : 3 credits
ARH 206 - Art History II  : 3 credits 
ARH 207 - History of Modern Art   : 3 credits
ARH 320 - History of Graphic Design  : 3 credits
ART 101 - Beginning Drawing  : 3 credits 
ART 105 - Two-Dimensional Design  : 3 credits
ART 106 - Three-Dimensional Design  : 3 credits 
ART 110 - Visualization  : 3 credits 
ART 215 - Figure Drawing  : 3 credits
  or ART Studio Elective : 3 credits 
GMD 201 - Type and Design I  : 3 credits
GMD 203 - Graphic Design I  : 3 credits
GMD 207 - Graphic Design II  : 3 credits
GMD 217 - Digital Imaging I  : 3 credits

GMD 218 - Type and Design II  : 3 credits
GMD 220 - Digital Imaging II  : 3 credits
GMD 301 - Digital Production I  : 3 credits
GMD 302 - Digital Production II  : 3 credits 
GMD 305 - Interactive Design I  : 3 credits
GMD 306 - Interactive Design II  : 3 credits
GMD 311 - Graphic Design III  : 3 credits 
GMD 315 - Business Practices for Visual Artists  : 3 credits 
GMD 405 - Graphic Design Senior Capstone I  : 3 credits
GMD 406 - Graphic Design Senior Capstone II  : 3 credits 
GMD 420 - Portfolio Preparation  : 3 credits 
GMD 427 - Graphic Design Internship  : 3 credits 
GMD 448 - Topics in Graphic Design  : 3 credits 
PHG 207 - Digital Photography  : 3 credits

The four year plan below must be followed with courses taken in sequence in order to graduate in a timely manner. Students work with their faculty advisor in the Department of Visual Arts before signing up for courses for each semester.

Four-Year Degree Plan

Semester 1 - Fall : 15 Credits

Semester 2 - Spring : 15 credits

Semester 3 - Fall : 15 credits

Semester 4 - Spring : 15 credits

Semester 5 - Fall : 15 credits

Semester 6 - Spring : 15 credits

Semester 7 - Fall : 15 credits

Semester 8 - Spring : 15 credits

Total Credits for Graduation: 120

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