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  Aug 14, 2020
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Creative Studies (B.S.)

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The Creative Studies program is a blend of English, Humanities, and Philosophy.  It is designed for creative, motivated people seeking essential knowledge, experiences, and tools for successful, innovative careers and for a high quality of life. With an emphasis on the power of language, the Creative Studies program will attract  students seeking to develop high proficiency in integrative and analytical thinking, problem solving, and effective, skillful writing as a foundation for entrepreneurial, diverse career paths.  Creative Studies is a flexible, interdisciplinary major open to all entering first-year students as well as students who transfer into Sage.  Creative Studies students can integrate their interest in professional areas of study with a humanities-focused learning core. 

Creative Studies students choose “The Creative Life” emphasis, “The Writing” emphasis, “The Drama” emphasis, or the “Visual Arts” emphasis, depending upon their individual intellectual and career interests. Through careful advisement, students complete courses in the Humanities core, the Creative Studies, Writing, Drama, or Visual Arts emphasis, and select program and general electives, based upon their unique learning goals. Internship opportunities, experiential learning, technological competence for research and presentation, and a highly flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum are central aspects of the program.

The Creative Studies program features “employability skills” for the rapidly shifting world of work. These valued, enduring, transferable skills include: creativity; flexibility; knowledge construction; the ability to analyze, synthesize, organize, and evaluate information; critical thinking; reflective and careful reading; effective writing, speaking and listening; problem solving; the ability to formulate essential, meaningful questions; the capacity to make informed, independent decisions; ethical awareness; the ability to work cooperatively and with self-confidence and self-understanding; appropriate use of technology; and respect for cultures and diverse perspectives. Creative Studies prepares students for career and life success in a changing world.

Learning goals for the Creative Studies major program are the following:

  • Communication Competence: The graduate understands the power of language and can read, write, speak, listen, summarize and synthesize information thoughtfully.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Competence: The graduate can make connections, construct knowledge, solve problems, analyze, question, reflect, evaluate, draw inferences, recognize fallacies, and research.
  • Adaptive-Anticipatory Competence: The graduate understands creative process and employs imagination in order to anticipate, innovate, adapt, and promote change.
  • Contextual-Conceptual Competence: The graduate understands cultural contexts within which creativity is practiced and has appreciation for theoretical and historical foundations of creative process and product.
  • Motivation: The graduate understands the value of exploration and questioning as well as the need to continue the acquisition and construction of knowledge.
  • Career Marketability: The graduate possesses sound critical, communication, and technological skills, flexibility, and creativity and is well equipped to advance within the profession or to move between professions.
  • Leadership and Ethical Sensitivity: The graduate can organize materials and processes, collaborate, negotiate, practice civil discourse, and demonstrate the respect for other people that is necessary for successful workplace and personal relationships.
  • Technology Competence: The graduate can perform technological tasks necessary for effective research, presentation, communication, and creative exploration.
  • Global Awareness: The graduate demonstrates sensitivity for other cultures and communities.

Program Requirements, 54-60 credits

Emphasis: 15 Credits

Choose one of the following:

Humanities Electives : 6-9 Credits

  • In consultation with the faculty advisor, student selects courses from: English (EGL), Humanities (HUM) and Philosophy (PHL).

General Electives : 12-15 Credits

  • In consultation with faculty advisor, student may choose to take clusters of courses such as art, business, computer science, law, social science, or science.

Total Credits Required for Graduation: 120


At least 60 of the 120 total credits must be in the liberal arts and sciences.

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