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  Aug 14, 2020
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Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

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The goal of the Computer Information Systems program is to prepare students to enter the workforce as computer information systems professionals. A CIS professional brings computing technology skills into the general context of business, commerce  and government. The program balances hands-on practical experience with theoretical understanding that helps our graduates continue to grow along with the computing industry.

Students wishing to matriculate in the B.S. program in Computer Information Systems (CIS) are expected to have command of the basics of computer literacy.  The specific computing competencies are:

  • Functional familiarity with GUI Operating System (Windows, Mac OS);
  • File/directory manipulations;
  • Aptitude using basic Internet services (web browsers, search engines, e-mail);
  • Basic MS Office skills.

Sage College of Albany also offers a minor in Computer Science.

Total Credits Required for Graduation: 120

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