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  Aug 14, 2020
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Clinical Biology (B.S.)

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The Clinical Biology program, with concentrations in Cytotechnology and in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, provides a comprehensive basic science background with an understanding of diagnostic laboratory techniques and their  application in patient care. Emphasis is placed on the development of problem-solving and communication skills. Students in the B.S. program will also obtain a broad liberal arts core that encourages personal intellectual growth  and a sense of professionalism by cultivating individual compassion, ethical values and the desire for lifelong learning.

This program prepares students for entry into two possible career paths: Cytotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Science. Students enrolled in the Cytotechnology track will complete their fourth year at Albany College of  Pharmacy (ACP), and students enrolled in the Clinical Laboratory Science track will complete their third and fourth years at ACP. Both groups of students will receive their bachelor’s degree from SCA and certification from ACP that  will allow them to take the national registry examination.

In addition to the intensive training in basic and laboratory sciences, students also receive hands-on training in the laboratory setting both in the academic environment and in the working environment of hospital laboratories,  research facilities, industrial laboratories and physicians offices. Education, management and research theory are presented as part of the required curriculum for the B.S. program. Graduates of the B.S. in Clinical Biology program will be well-prepared to sit for the national registry examination and to enter graduate programs in medical, law or other post-baccalaureate studies (M.S., Ph.D.). These students will be well-qualified for entry-level positions in  hospital laboratories, health care settings, research laboratories and biotechnology industries.

Degree Requirements

Science Core: 41 Credits

LIFE Curriculum Requirements: 18-21 Credits

Total Credits Required in the Degree Cytotechnology track: 123

Total Credits Required in the Degree Clinical Laboratory Sciences track: 132


At least 50 percent of the total credits must be in the liberal arts and science.

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