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  Aug 14, 2020
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Art History Minor

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A minor in Art History is an excellent complement to a wide variety of major programs.  An Art History minor gives to the Studio Art major (Fine Arts, Photography, Graphic Design, and Interior Design) historical, critical and theoretical breadth to core concepts and skills in the disciplines of the Visual Arts, strengthening critical thinking, writing and communication skills, and developing students for intellectual life.  It also allows the student greater flexibility and variety in the job market by offering training useful to museums, galleries, arts administration, and other arts professions, as well as the education professional.  A minor in Art History allows intellectual development in the history, theory, and criticism of the arts, which is vital to today’s interdisciplinary intellectual world.  We currently offer sufficient courses to satisfy the minor.  We plan, however, on additional electives to offer more course variety.  Our Art History courses offer rigor in terms of periods studied and concepts central to education in art history.  A typical course may offer 600+ works fo art, which the student will know in full detail, including stylistic, historical and interdisciplinary depth.  Criticism and theory enter into every course, from the introductory survey, to courses, such as ARH 333, which is devoted to critical literature.  Methods proper to art history are thoroughly covered, as well as integration into the field of all other disciplines in the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and some disciplines in the Sciences.

Requirements for Undergraduate Minor in Art History


Total Credits for Minor : 18

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