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  Nov 30, 2020
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American Studies Minor

American Studies at Russell Sage College is an interdisciplinary program offering an intensive study of the United States as a geographic, cultural and political entity. This is achieved through extensive study of US society and culture in which students explore the shared values and diverse character of the American experience, shaped as it is by gender, race, class, geography and ethnicity, and situate that experience in a context of global economic, cultural and political relations.  The shared core of the American Studies program focuses on the study of US literature, culture and history; beyond this core, a rich diversity of courses in US economics, social policy, arts, and global relations allows students to take their study of the US in a broad range of directions. 

The minor in American Studies will require students to take courses from at least 3 different disciplines represented within the American Studies program. It will allow students to focus on a specific period or issue in American Studies (for instance, Early American History, Literature, and Culture OR Cultural Diversity in American Studies), or to simply draw from the full range of courses in the program. 

However, in keeping with the RSC requirements for minors, at least nine of the required minor credits must be in a subject prefix other than a student’s declared major. Those students with majors in History or English must pay particular attention to this requirement.

Minor Requirements

  • AMS 101 - Introduction to American Studies : 3 Credits
  • One US History Survey (HST105 or HST106) : 3 Credits
  • One US Literature Survey (ENG208 or ENG206) : 3 Credits
  • 3 Electives* (At least one of these must be from a discipline other than ENG or HST) : 9 Credits
  • * Electives are chosen from the approved list of American Studies program electives and requirements.

Total: 18 Credits