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    Russell Sage College
  Nov 30, 2020
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Women's Studies Minor

The Russell Sage College Women’s Studies Program is offered through the Helen M. Upton Center for Women’s Studies. We sponsor a minor in Women’s Studies.

The 18-credit Women’s Studies minor can be completed by students in nearly any major. Choosing from courses in diverse fields – from English to Nursing, Biology to Criminal Justice – students can construct a minor that will complement their major field of study and enhance the value of a women’s college education.

Women’s Studies courses help students to clarify important personal, political, and professional issues and to prepare themselves for the world they will encounter when they complete their studies.

Requirements for Minor in Women's Studies

Total: 18 Credits


Courses chosen must include work in at least two different academic disciplines. See the catalog for details regarding course selection. Not all electives are offered every semester.

For additional information about women’s studies programs visit the National Women’s Studies Association.