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  Nov 30, 2020
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Theatre (B.A.)

Russell Sage College offers two degrees in theatre: the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and the Bachelor of Science in Musical Theatre. Sage also offers minors in Theatre (described below), as well as Dance, Music, and Visual Art.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre, offered collaboratively by Russell Sage College and the New York State Theatre Institute (NYSTI), offers the student training in the creative processes of theatre as well as the theory and history of theatre. All majors will complete 18 credits of major study with NYSTI, the professional youth theatre of New York State. There is a $250 fee for this internship with NYSTI. Students will study, train, and perform with Russell Sage faculty and the teacher artists of NYSTI.  Admission to the BA in Theatre program requires a preliminary audition with the Creative and Performing Arts department.  Theatre students must participate in juries every semester in order to remain active in the program.

Degree Requirements

Total major requirements: 48 Credits


Students not completing dual major should elect to take all three of the courses listed (THR 304, 405, 420).

General Education Requirements

not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses

Social Sciences (may include cross-cultural requirement): 6 Credits

Natural Sciences: 6 Credits

Quantitative Reasoning Course: 3 Credits

Cross-Cultural Course: 3 Credits

Electives: 42 Credits

Total credits required for degree: 120