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  Nov 30, 2020
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Sociology (B.A.)

Are you interested in people? Are you fascinated by such topics as cultural diversity or marriage and the family? These subjects and others that deal with social relationships and the nature of society comprise the discipline of sociology.

Sociology is the study of social groups. It is concerned with the way groups are organized, how they function, how they change, and the way in which they influence human behavior. Groups may vary in size and complexity from two people to entire societies. Sociology is a broad and eclectic field, and sociologists use many different approaches, ranging from quantitative methods to humanistic analysis.

The curriculum for the Sociology major is designed to give students maximum exposure to the breadth of the field. Specially designed concentrations in the Sociology major allow students to focus on a particular area of interest or to major in a more general study of sociology.

Degree Requirements


The above courses should be taken sequentially beginning with SOC 101. SOC 405 and SOC 406 are normally taken during the senior year.

General Education Requirements

not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses 

Humanities/Arts (may include cross-cultural requirement) : 12 Credits

Natural Sciences: 6 Credits

Cross-Cultural Course: 0-3 Credits

Electives: 51-57 Credits

Total credits required for degree: 120