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  Nov 30, 2020
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Political Science: Law and Government (B.A.)

The Political Science program at Russell Sage College is a liberal arts program with its primary focus on law and government. The College’s location, resources, and faculty provide an ideal opportunity to learn firsthand about law and government through internships and other practical experiences that prepare the student for law school, graduate school in public administration, or public policy and a career in government and law.

Located at a college for women, the Political Science: Law and Government program is well-suited for an exploration of the special relationships of women to law and government – as leaders and policymakers. Sage’s program is dynamic and flexible. This enables the student to keep pace with current public policy and legal issues. At the same time, required coursework ensures a solid foundation in political science theory, methods, and application.

Political Science: Law and Government majors are often involved in the Pre-Law program at Sage. The emphasis on reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and writing in the Political Science: Law and Government major provides excellent preparation for law school. Students in other programs are encouraged to minor in Political Science.

All majors must complete an internship, which the program arranges on the basis of individual student needs and interests. Many students take more than one three-credit internship; others opt for a full-time one-semester internship for 12 credits. Typical “real world” settings include the New York State Legislature, state agencies, local government, lobbying firms, law firms and other political organizations. International internships are also a possibility. The internship is an integrating experience in which students observe and employ applications of classroom learning. For Sage political scientists, the internship is the bridge between college and career.

Degree Requirements

Major Electives

  • Four elective courses within the discipline selected with advisement (may include crosscultural) : 12 Credits

Supporting Courses

  • ECO One course in Economics : 3 Credits
  • HST One course in History (H/A) : 3 Credits

Select one of the following statistics courses (QR): 3 Credits

Total credits in the major: 48

General Education Requirements not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses

Humanities/Arts (may include cross-cultural requirement) : 9 Credits

Natural Sciences: 6 Credits

Cross-Cultural Course: 0-3 Credits

Electives: 42-45 Credits

Total credits required for degree: 120


If the Language Requirement is satisfied through proficiency or waived, then an additional 6 credits of other humanities must be taken.

Suggested Course Sequence for Political Science: Law and Government

The following is a general schedule for the Political Science: Law and Government major. Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning your course schedule. Other course sequences are possible. Consult your advisor. Note also that one can introduce flexibility into this recommended sequence by shifting required slots around to allow one to pursue other courses of personal interest or compensate for scheduling conflicts. **Some courses will not be offered every year and should be taken at the first available opportunity.

First Year

1st Semester

Total: 13.5 Credits

2nd Semester

Total: 16.5 Credits

Second Year

1st Semester

  • ENG 220 - College Research and Writing : 3 Credits
  • Core elective in Government (200-300 level) : 3 Credits
  • Natural Science Elective : 3 Credits
  • General Elective or minor requirement : 6 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

2nd Semester

  • Core elective in Law (200-300 level) : 3 Credits
  • History Elective : 3 Credits
  • Humanities Elective : 3 Credits
  • General Elective or minor requirement: 6 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

Third Year

1st Semester

  • Core elective in Politics (200-300 level) : 3 Credits
  • POL major Elective : 3 Credits
  • Statistics course : 3 Credits
  • General Elective or minor requirement : 6 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

2nd Semester

  • POL major Elective : 6 Credits
  • Economics Elective : 3 Credits
  • General Elective or minor requirement : 6 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

Fourth Year

1st Semester

Total: 15 Credits

2nd Semester

Total: 15 Credits