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  Nov 30, 2020
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Mathematics/Engineering Joint Five-Year (B.A./B.S.)

This program gives the graduate a BA degree in Mathematics from Russell Sage College and a BS in Engineering from Rensselaer. Generally, students will register at Sage during the first three years and finish the Engineering program at Rensselaer in the remaining two years. During the first three years at Sage students will cross-register for some engineering courses at Rensselaer; during their last two years at Rensselaer students will cross-register for some courses at Sage.

Students may choose from a variety of areas of engineering, and further course work should be completed within the selected area by the end of the third year. Areas of specialization include: aeronautical, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer systems, decision sciences, electrical, electrical power, environmental, material, mechanical, and nuclear.

Except with special permission, students are expected to complete their mathematics and general education requirements at Sage.

Degree Requirements

Total Mathematics credits required: 30

Total Mathematics and supporting major courses: 52 Credits

General Education Requirements

not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses

Humanities/Arts (may include cross-cultural requirement) : 12 Credits

Social Science (may include cross-cultural requirement): 6 Credits

Cross-Cultural: 0-3 Credits

Liberal Arts Electives: 3-6 Credits

Electives: 34-37 Credits

Included in these electives are the engineering courses taken at Rensselaer. During the first three years at Sage students should cross-register (through the Hudson Mohawk Consortium) for the following engineering courses: 

  • ENGR-1100 Introduction to Engineering Analysis
  • ENGR-1200 Engineering Graphics & CAD
  • ENGR-1300 Engineering Processes or
  • ENGR-1310 Introduction to Engineering Electronics
  • ENGR-2050 Introduction to Engineering Design


Also, during the first three years at Sage students take two to four engineering courses in their intended engineering specialty. The remainder of the engineering requirements are taken in the student’s fourth and fifth years at Rensselaer.

Total required for BA degree: 120


If the Language Requirement is satisfied through proficiency or waived, then an additional 6 credits of other humanities must be taken.