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  Nov 30, 2020
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Life Science/Childhood Education (B.S.)

This program leads to certification to teach grades 1-6 in the public schools. Students entering the program will graduate after four years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Childhood Education.

Degree Requirements

Biology Courses

Core Biology Courses: 11 Credits

Select one of the following (H/A): 3 Credits

Select one cross-cultural history [HST] course (XC)(H/A): 3 Credits

One semester of a language other than English (H-L): 3 Credits

General Education Requirements– not fulfilled by Major or required Supporting Courses

Total: 120 Credits


All students in education are required to subscribe to a designated electronic portfolio system.

Suggested Course Sequence for Life Science/Childhood Education

The following is a general schedule for the Life Science/Childhood Education major. Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning your course schedule. Other course sequences are possible. Consult your advisor or the Biology or Education Program Coordinator. Note also that one can introduce flexibility into this recommended sequence by shifting Biology requirement slots around to allow one to pursue other courses of personal interest or compensate for scheduling conflicts.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year