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  Nov 30, 2020
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English (B.A.)

Russell Sage College offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in English, as well as minors in English and Writing.  We also cooperate with the Education Program to offer the Bachelor of Science degree in English/Childhood Education with optional annotation in Middle Childhood Education.  Students planning to teach grades 7-12 may complete the BA in English, leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT in English).  Students who intend to enter the professional Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy program may complete the BA in English, leading to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or the MS in Occupational Therapy.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

The BA in English provides students with a broad foundation in British and American literature through a number of survey courses and then allows students considerable individual choice from a rich array of courses that add depth to their programs.  All English courses value and hone analytical, writing and speaking skills; thus, an English major is excellent preparation for careers in business, law, medicine, and education, as well as for graduate study in literature.

Degree Requirements

A) English Studies

B) Survey Courses: 9 Credits

One must be before 1865
One must be American
One must be British

C) Five Elective Courses: 15 Credits

By advisement– three courses must be period courses, one course must be cross-cultural.

D) One Major Author Course: 3 Credits

E) Capstone Course: 3 Credits

Total Credit Hours Required: 33

(Not counting ENG 101 or ENG 220)