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  Jul 10, 2020
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Master of Business Administration (M.B.A./J.D.)

Sage Graduate School offers a joint degree program with Albany Law School. Since business and law are complementary, certain courses in each are readily applicable to the other and the total number of credits needed for graduation can be reduced.

Students must meet the admission standards of both Sage Graduate School and Albany Law School. The applicant should apply for the “Joint Degree J.D./M.B.A. Sage” on both the Sage Graduate School and the Albany Law School application. All correspondence from the student should also indicate the joint degree. Each school will evaluate the application based on its own requirements and standards. No special requirements are imposed on applicants to the joint degree program, although the student may still be required to complete the Sage M.B.A. prerequisite sequence if he or she does not have the appropriate preparation.

Applicants must score well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and have a bachelor’s degree. Completed application forms must be filed with Albany Law School before March 15 for the fall semester. It is preferable that application to the dual program be made by the end of the first year of study at Albany Law School.

The first year of study is exclusively at Albany Law School, during which time the student should prepare a plan with both schools for completion of all requirements. The student may be able to complete all requirements in less than four years, if summers are fully utilized. Decisions regarding the various scheduling options must be made in collaboration with the student’s academic advisors.

Albany Law School requires 87 credit hours for graduation. The student must satisfy the New York Court of Appeals mandated residence requirement of six semesters of full-time study, with a majority of credits in day courses. However, in the joint degree program students can satisfy the residency requirement by taking five semesters of residence in the Law School, and the remaining semester full time at Sage. Since 12 Sage credits can be utilized for the J.D. degree, the student must complete 75 credits at Albany Law School.

Full tuition will be paid at the school in which the joint degree student is registered each semester. Any additional fees required by each school must be paid. In any semester in which the student is registered in both schools, each school will bill tuition according to the courses being taken.

Registration procedures will be managed by the registrar in each school so as to accommodate the needs of the joint degree student for that semester.

Students are not eligible to take the New York State Bar Examination until the J.D. degree is awarded.

NOTE: Both Sage Graduate School and Albany Law School reserve the right to alter, amend or change both their individual and/or joint programs. Students should confirm all information.