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  Aug 14, 2020
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Master of Arts in Teaching: Two-year sequence

Candidates in the two-year sequence will complete any undergraduate liberal arts requirements (e.g., language other than English), the pre-requisites and the content area courses in the first year, during the Summer, Fall, Spring or following Summer. The content area courses are only offered once per year, so it is very important to complete these when they are offered. The pre-requisites are offered every semester, including summers, and some of them may be completed at other institutions. Candidates should forward course descriptions from other institutions to their advisor to receive prior approval of the content.

By mid-August of the second year, candidates must have completed all undergraduate requirements (e.g., language, additional coursework required in the major area), pre-requisites (EDU 201, 206, 474/574 and a Developmental Psychology or Human Development course) and the content area courses in the specific discipline – Art, English, Mathematics or Social Studies. EDU 201 and 206 are offered both Summer I and Summer II, as well as Fall and Spring semesters, with evening and weekend sections requiring 50% online study via Moodle. EDU 474/574 is offered twice in Summer II, on Monday-Wednesday evenings, 6pm to 9pm, and on the 2nd, 4th and 6th Saturdays in Summer II. The Saturday section requires 50% online study through Moodle. It is to the candidate’s advantage to complete the pre-requisites during their undergraduate program, if possible. If there are questions about which course at other institutions will satisfy pre-requisites requirements, the candidate should email the M.A.T. advisor ([email protected]), including the course description, for prior approval.

Fieldwork: 100 hours of fieldwork must be completed before student teaching. In the event that candidates are unable to complete these hours before beginning the second year of the program, the hours must be completed during the Fall semester, before the Spring student teaching begins.

Required non-credit:: The three workshops, Reporting and Identifying Child Abuse and Maltreatment, School Violence Prevention, NCR 317 Health Education Standards, must be completed before the candidate begins the internship. Violence and Maltreatment workshops are offered on-line. NCR 317 will ordinarily be offered during the week immediately preceding the beginning of the internship.

Student teaching seminar meeting: M.A.T. candidates attend a two-day required seminar immediately preceding the beginning of student teaching, during which they will participate in activities designed to prepare them for the student teaching and the preparation of the portfolio, meet with their college supervisors and review the assessments and policies that are used during student teaching by cooperating teachers and college supervisors. Candidates will also meet weekly during each
placement, as scheduled by the Director of Student Teaching Placements and the college supervisors.

The content area courses are offered according this schedule:

Year I – two year plan

Summer I Art/English/Social Studies

Year I credits: 12

Additional Information

Student teaching: Candidates in the two-year program enroll in student teaching in the Spring semester. Student teaching requires two placements, a K-6 placement for Art Educators and a 7-9 placement for English, Mathematics and Social Studies Educators and a second placement for Art Educators will be in grades 7-12 and for English, Mathematics and Social Studies Educators will be in grades 9-12.

On completion of the pre-requisites, undergraduate courses and content area courses by mid-August, candidates will continue the program in this sequence:

Year II – two year plan

Summer II (last two weeks of August) Art/English/Mathematics/Social Studies

Fall Art/English/Mathematics/Social Studies

Spring Art/English/Mathematics/Social Studies

Year II credits: 18

Total credits: 30