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  Aug 14, 2020
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Master of Arts in Teaching: Individual sequence

Some students may wish to complete their program over a period longer than two years, especially if extensive undergraduate coursework is needed to complete the equivalent of an undergraduate major or concentration. For example, an individual with a degree in Engineering may wish to prepare for the M.A.T. in Mathematics and might need to complete additional coursework in mathematics to be eligible for the program. This candidate would complete the undergraduate courses in mathematics in the first year, the pre-requisites and content area courses in the second year, and the courses in education and the student teaching in the third year.

Other candidates may wish to hold the internship or student teaching until all coursework has been completed. Often those who have fulltime employment and family responsibilities will wish to maintain their employment until all coursework is finished and complete a student teaching experience in the year after completing all course requirements.

Candidates who wish to complete an individual sequence will meet with their advisor to develop and plan a schedule.

Internship and Student Teaching Placements

All interns and student teachers complete two placements at two different grade levels. Interns complete the experiential component of their program through assignment to the schools in half days for a full academic year, September through June. Student teachers complete the experiential component of their program in two full-time placements, each lasting for seven weeks.

Interns and student teachers will complete one of their placements in a NYS-identified high-need school. The second placement will be in another setting selected on the basis of availability, quality of experience, the potential to expand the candidate’s experience and other factors that affect the cooperative relationship between candidates, the college, and the school.

Candidates are supervised by college supervisors and may expect an initial visit and three supervisory visits during each placement in which written feedback will be provided. The cooperating teacher and the college supervisor provide narrative evaluations which may then be placed in the candidate’s Career Services placement folder to support the candidate’s search for a position when the program is complete.

Applications for the internship or student teaching are submitted according to the following schedule:

  • Internship applications for the following September through June placement must be submitted by the second Friday in June.
  • Student Teaching a pplication is due in the School of Education office the first week of class the semester prior to student teaching.

Separate grades are given for each internship or student teaching placement, for the internship or student teaching seminar and for the internship or student teaching portfolio. The Internship and Student Teaching Seminar and Portfolio courses are zero credit and will be graded as Pass/Fail, but must be satisfactorily completed before graduation.

Program of Study

The program of study outlines the candidate’s program requirements, including undergraduate coursework and pre-requisite courses, if any, as well as the courses and internship/student teaching required for the master’s degree. Each candidate accepted to the program is expected to return a signed program of study, which then defines the requirements for graduation as long as the program is completed within the six year time limit.