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  Jul 10, 2020
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Literacy Certificate in Teaching Excellence

Required Courses

Literacy Total Credits: 13


  • Students in the Program must have access to a computer that has audio capabilities with speakers/headphones and Microsoft Office Stuite (2003 PC version; 2004 Mac version). Students must know how to access and make mp3 recordings. Additionally, students must be able to make and view videos (Quicktime or mp4) as well as have access to Skype for phone conferencing.
  • Students enrolled in the Certificate Program may apply for the Masters in Teaching Excellence and the credits earned in this program will be applied towards the Masters in Teaching Excellence as per The Sage Colleges policies.
  • Students enrolled in the Assessment Certificate Program must have access to most recent editons of standardized assessments in literacy, specifically the Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test, and the Wide Range Achievement Test; additional choice instruments will be required and must be approved by your instructor in MTX 503.
  • Students in the certificate program must have access to video equipment such that student videos may be submitted in “mov” format.

School of Education Attendance Policy

While individual instructors may approach attendance and participation in varied ways in their grading policies, students in the School of Education should be aware that missing 1/4 or more of class sessions MAY result in AUTOMATIC class failure. Class content and participation are vital to meeting the objectives of School of Education courses.