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  Jul 10, 2020
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Health Services Administration (M.S.)

The health services industry is now the third largest employer in the nation. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the professional field of health services administration will be ranked among the top 10 occupations by percentage increase in employment during the 21st century. Both nationally and regionally, there are numerous opportunities for health service administrators in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, health maintenance organizations, home care agencies, hospital associations, health insurance companies, managed care companies and governmental health planning and regulatory agencies. Sage’s Master of Science in Health Services Administration has been designed to prepare health services managers to meet the diverse needs of this rapidly expanding field.

The multidisciplinary design of the program reflects the faculty’s conviction that health managers must be prepared for widely varying roles. The program also reflects content recommended by senior managers in the health care field. The program at Sage prepares Health Services Administration students to assume management responsibilities that span a number of departments in an agency, hospital, long-term care facility, clinic, or other health care organization. The program provides an opportunity to gain expertise in more specific responsibilities. Sage M.S. H.S.A. graduates have accepted a variety of roles in health services organizations, some management and some that combine management and clinical practice. The program prepares students for both career paths.

Core courses offer the inservice health administrator - or the student learning to become one - a comprehensive set of managerial and analytical skills, which will improve problem solving, human relations, finance and budgeting, program planning and analysis capabilities. The program also presents the most current content in managed care and health care marketing.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the program must meet the general admission requirements for Sage Graduate Schools.

Program Summary

Culminating Sequence

 Students select either the Thesis Option or the Non-Thesis Option

Thesis Option (33 credits)

Non-Thesis Option (39 credits)

Total Credit Hours Required: 33 (Thesis) or 39 (Non-Thesis)