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  Nov 30, 2020
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Women's Studies Minor

Russell Sage College’s Women’s Studies Program is offered through the Helen M. Upton Center for Women’s Studies. We sponsor a minor in Women’s Studies.

Women’s Studies courses help students to clarify important personal, political, and professional issues and to prepare themselves for the world they will encounter when they complete their studies.

Requirements for Minor in Women’s Studies
WST 405 Women’s Studies Capstone Project : 3 Credits

Select one of the following: 4 Credits
WLD 101 Reading Women’s Voices/Developing Our Own : 4 Credits
WLD 201 Researching Women’s Lives : 4 Credits

Select four of the following electives: 12 Credits
WST 206 Sociology of the Family
WST 207 Cultural Perspectives of Health, Disability & Wellness
WST 209 Gender and Sexuality
WST 215 U.S. Latino/Latina Literature
WST 222 Women, Health and the Body
WST 232 Oral Histories: Voices of the Past
WST 244 Fairy Tale: Understanding Metaphor
WST 248 Special Topics:
WST 250 Women’s Literature
WST 305 Women in Developing Countries
WST 310 Victims and Their Experience
WST 319 Women and the Law
WST 321 Psychology of Women
WST 323 Women, Children & War
WST 332 Conflict Management and Mediation
WST 333 Class, Power and Privilege
WST 340 Leadership & Diversity
WST 343 Literature, Gender, & Sexuality
WST 348 Topics in Women’s Studies
WST 351 Women in the African Experience
WST 355 Innovation, Change & Society
WST 448 Special Topics in Social Responsibility

Total: 19 Credits


Minor Policy

Minors may be declared any time before the completion of the drop/add period in the first term of the senior year or before completion of 87 credit hours, whichever comes later.

Successful completion of at least a one course in the minor is a prerequisite to such declaration.

Only two of the required minor courses may also count toward major or another minor’s requirements.  A minimum of half the required credits for the minor must be completed at Sage.

GPA in Minor required (minimum): 2.200 or higher

Courses chosen must include work in at least two different academic disciplines. See the catalog for details regarding course selection. Not all electives are offered every semester.

For additional information about women’s studies programs visit the National Women’s Studies Association.