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  Nov 30, 2020
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Sociology (B.A.)

Are you interested in people? Are you fascinated by such topics as cultural diversity or marriage and the family? These subjects and others that deal with social relationships and the nature of society comprise the discipline of sociology.

Sociology is the study of social groups. It is concerned with the way groups are organized, how they function, how they change, and the way in which they influence human behavior. Groups may vary in size and complexity from two people to entire societies. Sociology is a broad and eclectic field, and sociologists use many different approaches, ranging from quantitative methods to humanistic analysis.

The curriculum for the Sociology major is designed to give students maximum exposure to the breadth of the field. Specially designed concentrations in the Sociology major allow students to focus on a particular area of interest or to major in a more general study of sociology.

Sociology Major : 37-39 credits

Sociology Core : 21 credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology : 3 credits
PSY 207 Statistics with Computer Applic : 4 credits
SOC 303 Sociological Theory : 3 credits
SOC 337 Research Methods  : 4 credits
SOC 403 Senior Seminar : 4 credits
SOC 427 Internship in Sociology : 3 credits

Complete one Pathway:

Pathway in General Sociology: 16 credits   

SOC 213 Power and Privilege : 4 credits
Complete 12 credits of SOC electives; at least one course must be at the 300-level or higher (excluding SOC 350).

Pathway in Crime and Justice: 16 credits
SOC 105 Introduction to Criminal Justice : 4 credits
SOC 312 The Nature of Crime : 3 credits
Select one of the following: 3 credits
CRM 219 Law and Legal Process
POL 229 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POL 230 Liberty vs. Security
Complete 6 additional credits of Criminal Justice Electives (CRM).

Pathway in Public Health: 18 Credits
PBH 201 Health and Society: Survey of Public Health : 3 credits
PBH 210 Overview of Global Health : 3 credits
Complete four courses from the list below : 12 credits
   POL 314 Health Policy
   SOC 222 Women, Health and the Body
   SOC 310 Victims and Their Experience
   SOC 248 Topics: Sociology of Medicine
   SOC 348 Topics: Medical Anthropology
*Other SOC, POL, or PBH courses may be completed with department approval.

Degree Completion Notes
Total credits required for bachelor degree (minimum): 120 credits
Completion of required General Education coursework
1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Minimum major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200