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  Nov 30, 2020
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Psychology (B.S.)

The BS in Psychology offers students the opportunity to learn about the science of human behavior and the inner processes of thoughts and emotions. Each student develops a program oriented to the world of work as well as to entry into graduate study. Psychology majors investigate the factors influencing the behavior and adjustment of people in a complex and changing world, with recognition of the embeddedness of human interaction in a larger socio-cultural context. The program encourages students to explore and understand themselves, as well as others, so as to be informed and responsible citizens.

Program Requirements : 42-46 credits


Complete all of the following:
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 207 Statistics with Computer Applications
PSY 208 Developmental Science*
PSY 215 Biopsychology
PSY 233 Research Methods & Design in Psychology
PSY 275 Proseminar: Personal Pathways - Psychology
PSY 403 Capstone Seminar -or- PSY 410/PSY 411 Honors Research & Honors Project
PSY 409 History and Systems of Psychology

Complete one Cognitive course:
PSY 313 Learning
PSY 440 Cognition

Complete one Social course:
PSY 301 Social Psychology
PSY 406 Personality

Complete one Clinical course:
PSY 304 Counseling
PSY 308 Abnormal Psychology

Complete one Well-Being:
PSY 325 Community Psychology
PSY 326 Health Psychology

Complete two PSY courses : 6 credits**
PSY 242 Problems of Alcohol Drug Dependent Person
PSY 305 Persuasion & Influence
PSY 317 Motivation
PSY 329 Evolutionary Psychology
PSY 339 Psychology and Law
PSY 348 Special Topics
PSY 365 Close Relationships
PSY 407 Internship

*PSY 202 Human Development may be substituted for PSY 208
**Students may also select courses at the 300- level and above as electives.

Degree Completion Notes

Total credits required for bachelor degree (minimum): 120 credits
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200
1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage (minimum)
Completion of all required General Education  coursework

Suggested Course Sequence

The following is a general schedule for the Psychology major. Check all course descriptions for prerequisites before planning your course schedule. Other course sequences are possible. Consult your advisor or the Psychology Program Coordinator. Note also that one can introduce flexibility into this recommended sequence by shifting elective and/or general education slots around to allow one to pursue other courses of personal interest or compensate for scheduling conflicts.

Year 1- Fall: 15 credits
WRT 101 (3 credits)
PSY 101 (3 credits)
Elective (3 credits)
General Education Requirement (3 credits)
RSC 101 (3 credits)

Year 1- Spring: 16-17 credits
WRT 201 (3 credits)
PSY 208 (4 credits) or PSY 202 (3 credits)
PSY 207 (4 credits)
Electives (6 credits)

Year 2- Fall: 17 credits
Psychology Major Requirement (3 credits)
General Education Requirement (3 credits)
PSY 233 (4 credits)
PSY 275 (1 credit)
RSC 201 (3 credits)
Elective (3 credits)

Year 2- Spring: 15 credits
PSY 215 (3 credits)
Psychology Major Requirement (3 credits)
General Education Requirement (3 credits)
Electices (6 credits)

Year 3- Fall: 15 credits
Psychology Major Requirements (6 credits)
General Education Breadth Requirement (3 credits)
Electives (6 credits)

Year 3- Spring: 16 credits
Psychology Major Requirements (6 credits)
General Education Breadth Requirement (3 credits)
RSC 301 (3 credits)
Elective (3 credits)

Year 4- Fall: 15 credits
PSY 409 (3 credits)
General Education Breadth Requirement (3 credits)
Electives (6-9 credits)
PSY 410* (3 credits) (*for students completing Honors Project)

Year 4- Spring: 12 credits
PSY 403 (3 credits) or PSY 411* (3 credits) (*for students completing Honors Project)
General Education Requirements (9 credits)