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  Nov 30, 2020
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Musical Theatre (B.S.)

Russell Sage College offers two degrees in theatre: the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and the Bachelor of Science in Musical Theatre. Sage also offers minors in Theatre (described in the B.A. in Theatre program), as well as Dance, Music, and Visual Art.

This Bachelor of Science degree in Musical Theatre is offered to those students who demonstrate excellence in acting, dance and singing, and who are committed to professional careers in musical theatre performances. Admission to the BS in Musical Theatre program requires a preliminary audition with the Creative and Performing Arts department. Musical Theatre students must participate in juries every semester in order to remain active in the program.

Degree Requirements

BS Musical Theatre Major

THR 103 Acting I: Storytelling/Improvisation : 3 Credits
THR 110 Stagecraft : 3 Credits
THR 115 Acting Practicum : 1 Credit (to be completed 3 times for 3 total credits)
THR 203 Acting II: Contemporary Scene Study : 3 Credits
THR 205 History of Theatre : 3 Credits
THR 303 Acting III: Performance Style : 3 Credits
THR 307 Internship in Theatre : 6 Credits
THR 403 Acting IV : 3 Credits

MUS 111 Basic Musicianship I : 3 Credits
MUS 112 Musicianship II : 3 Credits
MUS 208 Masterpieces of Music : 3 Credits
MUS 217 American Musical Theatre : 3 Credits
MUS 235 Musical Theatre Scene Study: 3 Credits
MUS 316 Women’s Chorus [1.5 credits each semester x 4] : 6 Credits
MUS 319 Applied Music: Voice [1.5 credits each semester x 7] : 10.5 Credits

DAN 111 Introduction to Modern : 3 Credits
DAN 231 Introduction to Ballet : 3 Credits
DAN 235 Tap Dance Techniques : 3 Credits
DAN 241 Introduction to Jazz : 3 Credits

Complete one of the following courses: 3 Credits
THR 209 History of American Theatre
THR 212 Modern Theatre

Complete one of the following courses: 1.5 Credits
THR 227 Makeup for the Stage
THR 230 Stage Combat

Total credits in major: 76.5

Degree Completion Notes

Total credits required for bachelor degree (minimum): 120 credits
Cumulative GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.000
Major GPA required for graduation (minimum): 2.200
1/2 of major requirements must be completed at Sage (minimum)
Completion of all required General Education  coursework